Condor Company

This company was established 15 years ago with two production lines for the manufacturing of all kinds of detergent, sulphonate, detergent soaps, detergent liquids (hand soap liquid, dishwashing liquid, whitener liquid, oven cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet shampoo, laundry liquid detergent, fabric softener, and toilet cleaner) luxury soap, toothpaste, and printing & packaging. With 524 total employees, the entire production capacity of Condor Co. is: 170,000MT/year for detergent, 25,000MT/year for liquids, and 400MT/year for toothpaste.

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  • No1, Sepand St, Iranshahr Ave, Tehran, Iran
  • +982183200000
  • +982188835436
  • +982188835436
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